We compiled the most frequently asked questions about our investment solutions and strategy for you. If you don't find your answer here, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Dita Bunjaku: db@singularity-group.com

  • How can I invest in in your investment products?

    If you want to invest in The Singularity Fund as a retail investor, you can subscribe via your bank or online broker (e.g. in Switzerland via Swissquote, UBS, Credit Suisse, ZKB, or in Germany via Deutsche Bank/maxblue and others). In all other cases, please provide your bank/broker with the fact sheet so they can set up the fund in their systems. You can always cc us in your email: info@singularity-group.com, and we will assist if needed.

    The Singularity Reshoring and Singularity Small & Mid strategies are structured as UBS Actively Managed Certificates (AMC). The Singularity Reshoring AMC is listed with Six and avaiable via Swissquote and other trading platforms. You can find the ISIN and SIX-ticker ("Singularity Reshoring C") on the Fact Sheet. If you don't use e-trading, please get in touch with your bank or online broker. 

    For institutional investorsplease get in touch with us

  • How does Singularity Reshoring strategy complement our flagship, The Singularity Fund?

    While The Singularity Fund captures applied innovation across sectors and industries globally, Singularity Reshoring invests in the applied innovations that are enabling and benefiting from the macrotrend reshoring. It's a more concentrated portfolio consisting of 50 companies.

    The Singularity Reshoring portfolio consists of small- and mid-cap companies, whereas The Singularity Fund comprises all market capitalizations with a tendency towards large and mega cap.

  • What's the securities number (Valorennummer) for the fund?

    As this is not an exchange traded fund (ETF), there is no security, but an ISIN number (please see fact sheet).

  • What's the minimum investment?

    For private investors within the D3 share class, the minimum is one unit of the fund. For all other share classes, please see the fact sheet for professional investors.

  • Do you charge deposit and transaction fees?

    We don't, but depending on your bank, there might be a deposit fees. Please check with your bank for more information. There's no transaction fee for subscriptions/redemptions.

  • How often do you rebalance the portfolio?

    The portfolio is rebalanced twice a year, mid May and mid November. We inform you about the main changes in our Q2 and Q4 reports. If you want to be added to our distribution list, please write to info@singularity-group.com.

  • Is there an ETF on the Singularity index?

    We have exclusive rights to the Singularity Index, and the only investment vehicle that tracks the index is the Singularity Fund. Our index is based on a sophisticated strategy and as such not suitable for an ETF.

  • What is the cut-off time for trading?

    Before 3pm CET for the net asset value (NAV) of that same day. The NAV is calculated after all markets have closed. All closing prices will be taken into account.

  • When can I see the transaction in my account?

    You will be able to see it within 3 days after subscription. Status in e-banking means it's being processed. Please get in touch with your bank if you have further questions or experience delays of more than 3 business days.

  • Why is the fund fee on the fact sheet twice as expensive as the one stated on my online trading platform?

    We show the total fee on the fact sheet for transparency reasons, most online brokers only display the management fee of a fund.

  • Why do you benchmark the Singularity Strategy against the MSCI All Country World and not against a tech index?

    Our stock selection process considers all listed equities-across industries and sectors. We don't solely focus on technology companies. That's why comparing our strategy to an all-equity index makes most sense. Consequently, the companies in the portfolio have the greatest name overlap with the MSCI AC World Index, compared with other common benchmarks such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq Composite Index.

  • Is your portfolio investing in growth or value?

    The Singularity Fund is a balanced portfolio of both growth and value companies. While we don't specifically select for growth or value but rather key technology focus areas within our Singularity sectors across traditional sectors, our portfolio has historically exhibited a bias towards growth given the fact that the companies' fundamental growth rates have been superior compared with the broader market.


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