Singularity Compass: 8 Technology Themes for 2021

At the Singularity Group we invest in applied innovation. Our focus is on discovering where advances in technologies like artificial intelligence, advanced materials, and robotics are creating value today. The ability to capture the dynamics of the present requires also foresight, and the savviness to always be a few steps ahead. This is where Singularity Compass comes in.

We surveyed our Expert Advisory Board members on what they believe will be the biggest themes in technology this year, and in the years ahead. Many of the themes raised in this Singularity Compass intersect with each other, and all intersect with, and depend on, our Singularity Sectors. Our company focus on technological applications today leads us then also into the future. At The Singularity Group, we are proud to be not only at the heart of what is – but also what is yet to come.


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By Aleksandra W. Gadzala Tirziu, PhD - 01/27/2021

Singularity Compass: 8 Technology Themes for 2021

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