Seeking Singularity Performance - Full Year 2019 Report

We look back on a strong and fruitful 2019: For the second year in a row, the Nasdaq Singularity Index (NSI) has outperformed its benchmark, and the Singularity Fund closed with a solid +28.1 percent. Our full year analysis of 2019 doesn't focus on performance only, but also gives great insights into the Singularity Universe. Read why about two-thirds of the NSI's exposure comprises "tech outside tech", which technologies have led the field this past year and which role Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) will play in the future. 

We are glad to share our thorough Full Year Report for 2019 with you!

Enjoy the read, let us know your thoughts or get in touch with us for a deep dive into our investment philosophy.

By TSG - 01/21/2020

Seeking Singularity Performance - Full Year 2019 Report

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