Lunch Event on Artificial Intelligence - A Review

The defeat of Gary Kasparov by IBM's supercomputer Deep Blue in chess is now more than 21 years ago. What has happened since then, where do we stand today and what will the future bring us? 

The expert Alexander Cahiz, Singularity Analyst and founder of The Rubicon, talked about all these questions in his insightful presentation. The Artificial Intelligence, A.I., stands for the third era of computing and is an important part of the fourth industrial revolution. Today, A.I. is already used in cancer diagnosis, personnel planning in a Disney entertainment park, in cost-efficient cooling of Google Deepmind server systems and the maintenance of pumping stations. These examples show, and this is what characterizes the Nasdaq Singularity index, that A.I. is not only to be found among technology companies. Companies like Airbus, BASF and Adidas are just some examples represented in the Nasdaq Singularity Index. The only bad news about A.I. is, that by 2045 about 50% of today's jobs will disappear. However, the good news is that more new jobs will be created in the same period in sectors that are not yet known today. 



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