In the News: Evelyne Pflugi Interview with Blocks99

During our co-sponsored event, Exponential Finanace Summit 2019, CEO and Founder Evelyne Pflugi was interviewed by the blockchain and cryptocurrency focused online publication Blocks99. Pflugi was asked about the mission of the summit and The Singularity Group as a company, the relationship between exponential technologies and investment, and where blockchain has and will play a role in the equation.

Here is a teaser of that interview:


"The motto of this conference is Exponential Finance. It’s all about exponential technologies, and yesterday the closing presentation focused on robotics and other fascinating stuff. In your view, what exponential technologies will have the biggest impact on finance and why?"



"We’re already seeing the biggest impact probably right now. We’re looking for revenue generation. And we’re seeing the early stages of revenue generation in the finance world in the field of big data and another topic that everybody is interested in, which is blockchain. But where it’s already happening is probably in big data and artificial intelligence."

To read the full interview, head over to the article at Blocks99.

By TSG - 12/12/2019

In the News: Evelyne Pflugi Interview with Blocks99

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