Exponential Finance Summit 2019 - Presentation Slides

A big thank you to everyone who could attend the 2019 Exponential Finance Summit, the first such summit in Europe, brought to Zurich in partnership with Singularity University!

The two days of the summit were jam packed with inspiring talks and fascinating figures, a near information overload at times that left us buzzing with knowledge and ideas.

For those who would like to digest the ideas, facts, examples and explainations further, we've provided many of the presentations in PDF form for you to download and digest at your convenience. Note that the presentations in their shareable form were provided at the discretion of the presenters.

Alexander Stumpfegger | AI & Big Data in Insurance & Finance

Andra Key | Robotics

Anita Schjoll Brede | AI

Carlo Van de Weijer | Future of Work

Chelsea Rustrum | Where the Sharing Economy & Blockchain Meet

Daniel Diemers | Blockchain

Daniel Gasteiger | E-Government & Digital Identity

Evelyne Pflugi | Making Exponentials Investable

Kris Østergaard | Corporate Innovation

Kris Verburgh | Health & Longevity

Lars Jaeger | Quantum in Finance

Laurenz Apiarius | Cryptocurrencies

Massimo Pellegrino | Ethics & AI

Patrick van der Pijl | xFIN Business Models

Tobias Reichmuth | Energy

Will Weisman | Intro to Exponentials

By TSG - 11/25/2019

Exponential Finance Summit 2019 - Presentation Slides

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