David M. Solo joins The Singularity Group’s Board of Directors

Zurich, September 19, 2023 – David M. Solo is a new member of the Board of Directors of the Zurich-based investment advisory boutique The Singularity Group (TSG). The shareholders unanimously elected the US-Swiss dual citizen at the Annual General Meeting. Solo joins the Chairman of the Board of Directors and innovation investor Eric Sarasin, CEO and co-founder Evelyne Pflugi, and co-founder and Longevity investor Tobias Reichmuth.

"We are very pleased to have David Solo on board," says Eric Sarasin, Chairman of the Board of Directors. "TSG will benefit from his technology background, broad expertise in finance, and many years of management experience," CEO and co-founder Evelyne Pflugi adds. “His achievements demonstrate thought leadership at the intersection of innovation and finance - that's why TSG and David Solo are a particularly good match." 

“I have been following The Singularity Group since its founding in 2017. What I find compelling is the exceptionally thoughtful, creative team, who demonstrate real independent thinking, and the resulting differentiated approach to discerning the growth potential of companies,” David Solo comments with reference to TSG’s applied innovation methodology. 

Solo was CEO of wealth manager GAM for almost ten years, then a leading European fund manager with $120 billion assets under management. He received undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT in Cambridge and carried out research on fiber optics and machine learning. In between, he held top executive positions at O'Connor & Associates, SBC Warburg, Julius Baer, and UBS. In 2003, David co-founded Diversified Credit Investments LLC acting as Chairman through 2020 when the business was acquired by the Blackstone Group to become the foundation for their now sizable public debt business. He is currently Lead Director at Trading Technologies International, serves on the Advisory Board of Merchant Wealth Partners, and advises a number of financial companies. David is based in the US.

About the Singularity Group

The Singularity Group (TSG) makes applied innovation investable for institutional and private investors. The independent investment advisory boutique based in Zurich (Switzerland) works closely with an expert network of leading entrepreneurs and scientists who form the global Singularity Think Tank (STT). The STT helps to validate the degree of innovation of companies. This forms the basis for TSG's own innovation scoring system for equities. The Singularity Innovation Score quantifies company engagement within a set of curated Singularity Sectors worldwide, across all market capitalizations and industries, and defines how much value public companies are generating today through applied innovation.

TSG is the initiator and owner of the Singularity Index™ (Bloomberg ticker: NQ2045). The Singularity Index is rebalanced every six months (in May and November) and is considered the gold standard in innovation benchmarking. The Singularity Fund (ISIN: LU2209331995) is the only investment vehicle that tracks the Singularity Index, the structured product 'Singularity Reshoring' (ISIN: CH1251747387) makes the global reindustrialization macro trend investable, and the structured product 'Singularity Small & Mid' ( ISIN: CH1117358031) complements the product portfolio. It consists of a selection of innovative small-cap companies in the US stock market. The fund documents of the Singularity Fund can be obtained free of charge from the representative in Switzerland, GAM Investment Management (Switzerland) AG or from the paying agent in Switzerland, State Street Bank International GmbH, Luxembourg Branch.

Media contact: Katharina Boehringer; +41 78 613 78 02 / kb@singularity-group.com

By TSG - 09/19/2023

David M. Solo joins The Singularity Group’s Board of Directors

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