Capturing innovation as it happens

Technological innovation is key to any company’s long-term performance and systemic progress. Measuring the true value that companies generate through innovation is challenging. That's why we stepped up to innovate innovation investing - by delivering an applied innovation parameter.

Singularity Innovation Score

Using a unique methodology, we screen for applied innovation across our Singularity Sectors – a selection of the most relevant technologies of our time. Our Innovation Scoring system enables us to quantify a company’s exposure to innovation across sectors and industries globally - and as it evolves over time. The Singularity Innovation Score is a leading innovation indicator – empowering asset managers and investors to invest in innovation.

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The Singularity Sectors

Everything starts with our Singularity Sectors. Together with our Singularity Think Tank, we curate a selection of the most relevant technologies of our time. This ensures that our strategy captures innovation leaders across countries, market caps, and industries to assure that we are not missing out on technological evolution.

By default, we are exposed to the most relevant technological phenomena. We don't predict, we measure applied innovation. It's a market-wide approach leading to diversified, robust portfolios that methodically evolve along with the innovation frontier.

The Singularity Think Tank

Practitioners know best. That’s why we rely on a carefully selected community of technology thought-leaders to monitor technologies as they evolve and create cash flows in industry value chains. Through regular consultations, task forces, and sector panel discussions, our experts help us identify where applied innovations are truly unfolding – beyond the hype. The Singularity Think Thank is headed by our Director of Research, Shiko Ben-Menahem, PhD. Meet our experts and find our research here.

The Investment Products

The Singularity Innovation Score is the key metric for constructing investment portfolios. This ensures that, by default, the products capture innovation leaders across countries, market caps, and industries. We don’t predict the future, we focus on applied innovation. A diversified and highly progressive approach that exposes investors to a timeless certainty: the progress of innovation.

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Singularity Fund™

The Singularity Fund™ gives investors direct access to the most innovative listed companies.

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Singularity Reshoring

Singularity Reshoring invests in the innovation leaders behind the reshoring macrotrend.

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Singularity Small & Mid

The Singularity Small & Mid portfolio gives investors access to the next generation innovation leaders.

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Singularity Index™

The Singularity Index™ has been established as the gold standard in equity innovation benchmarking since 2017.

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