01Access Applied Innovation as an Asset

Are you actually invested in innovation?

So far, there was no simple, sound, and cost-effective vehicle to make exponential innovation investable outside the technology sector. Existing strategies are mostly based on conservative and obsolete classification models.

We believe: Every company can and should be an innovation company. Our expertise is to identify those who have not only allocated budgets for the right technologies at the right time but who have fostered an environment to drive exponential innovation and with this: performance in the future. We make these insights investible with our unique solutions.

Global Universe:
90'000 Equities

All Sector
All Market Cap
Singularity Sphere:
3000 Equities

Revenue in
Singularity Sectors > 0%
Singularity Sphere:
800 Equities

Revenue in
Singularity Sectors > 10%
Nasdaq Singularity Index
300 Equities

130 Equities
Data Services

The Nasdaq Singularity Index TM

The first and only equity index that captures value creation from exponential innovation across sectors and industries beyond technology:

The Nasdaq Singularity Index™ applies a methodology in line with companies’ true exposure to innovative technology and value creation. The long-only global equity index comprises 300 equities representing companies that already apply technologies from one or more of the 12 Singularity Sectors defined by our Expert Advisory Board.

The index was launched in partnership with FactSet and Nasdaq [Bloomberg Ticker: NQ2045] in December 2017. It's not by itself investable and charges an index fee when used as underlying index for investment vehicles. The Singularity Group has exclusive rights to the Index.

The Singularity Data Service

Make your portfolio future-proof

Our platform gives investors access to what we call the Singularity Universe: a set of listed companies across all countries and industries contributing to and benefitting from exponential innovation in (currently) 12 exponential technologies. This universe is a base for fundamental and quantitative analysis that can feed into multiple investment strategies, funds, and other vehicles. If you want to get thorough insights into our analysis on a regular basis, you can subscribe to our exclusive Data Service and make your portfolio future-proof.

For more information, please get in touch with us: info@singularity-group.com.

The Singularity Fund

The Singularity Fund tracks the Nasdaq Singularity Index, adding a quality filter. It’s based on 100 to 200 equities selected from the 300 indexed companies.

The first innovation fund that is not a tech fund, but a highly diversified investment opportunity. Portfolio diversification does not come from hedging against innovation or investing in unrelated sectors but by covering multiple sectors. The Singularity Sectors are at different stages in their lifecycle and commercial maturity. They touch on different sets of existing industries and sectors. The diversification within the portfolio is therefore very high.

Please contact us to discuss your investment options, fees, performance insights or further information: info@singularity-group.com.

Market Penetration / Commercialisation
Time / Life
  • 1. Blockchain
  • 2. Neuroscience
  • 3. 3D Printing
  • 4. Space
  • 5. Nanotechnology
  • 6. Big Data
  • 7. Internet of things
  • 8. Virtual / Augmented Reality
  • 9. Bioinformatics
  • 10. Artificial Intelligence
  • 11. Robotics
  • 12. New Energy


Do you want to pave the path for innovation investments?

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